Music Projects

These most unique, world famous artists, could come to your venue and play for you. They know, how to swing to the rhythm of your heartbeat and how to cradle you high, up to the blue skies. This music will stay in your life forever, will make it better and inspire you. The more we get sensitive to our emotions, the more sensitive we will be about war, and taking care of each other (Al Jarreau). You can choose one of our amazing projects or artists, or if you have a music event idea and do not know, how to realise it, ask us and we will help you.


The best musicians of the cult London jazz scene. Caught by   Kat Pfeiffer in their unrepeatable kinetics and expressions. Beautiful icons that always will drag that particular memory of the concert, piece of music or the atmosphere. Excitement and fascination are behind every shot. Jazz music with its actors is for Kat – same as the theatrical reality - a multidimensional medium. Sounds build in her imagination worlds, whose fleeting beauty and dynamics make her to push the shutter button. That’s, where her photographs come from.

Jazz Context

The Jazz Context is an international music projects and photography promoter. It is an intercultural bridge bringing together the jazz musicians and their audience from the British Islands with those from the European continent. By encrypting the messages contained in the cultural legacy across the Globe it wants to sensitise and connect people, who currently are exposed to the geopolitical divergence. Jazz Context has also the ambition to grow its educational capacity to reach the most vulnerable members of societies in order to pass over to them the most precious cultural and ethical envois.

Fair to People. Fair to the World.

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